1. Donating Comes With Benefits

Donating connects you with the community. Most people like shopping in a business that cares for them and is not just after the profits. Small businesses also get tax deductions when they donate to the community.

2. Donate to an Organization That Fit Your Corporate’s Values

To leverage your donations fully, donate to the right organization. For instance, for a small business, pick a local community group since you are tied to it. Take your time before you decide the company to give your donations to. If you find multiple organizations that fit your corporate values, do not hesitate to offer your contributions to them. This will create stronger bonds with great charitable organizations and the community, which is your customer base.

3. Ways of Donating

There exist various techniques that you can employ when donating to charity. Even though donating financial support is the most common way, here are some other ways you can give charitable support.


Finally, donating is very crucial even if you are a small business. Donating to charity connects you with the community and potential partners.



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Chart Westcott

Chart Westcott

Chart Westcott is Co-Founder and COO at Ikarian Capital, LLC a long/short equity biotech focused investment adviser. Read more at http://chartwestcott.net.