Digital Marketing Tips Post Lockdown


Engaging with the audience you already have is especially important at the moment. It’s important to put out updates to your current customer base informing them of how you’re continuing to operate and will be there for them during these difficult times, as a way of growing customer loyalty. You’ll want to choose your favorite social media outlet — whether it be Twitter, Instagram, or perhaps just sending out emails — whatever you believe would be the best way to reach your target audience. Content that involves your audience interacting and resharing a post is especially good and can bring you new traffic.

Talk About Safety

With so many potential customers still thinking daily about COVID-19, this is a good opportunity to talk about the safety steps you’re taking with your business. This is not only recommended in order to protect your employees and customers, it’s good marketing as well. It lets your audience know that you’re still in business and that you’re taking the precautions to make sure everyone stays safe when they go to your place of business. This can be in terms of your hours of operations, the number of people you have working at a given time, and if masks are required.

Become Omni-Channel

With potential customers spending most of their time at home nowadays, it’s important you find as many ways as possible to reach them. A great way to do this is to go omnichannel. This means that you’re on as many relevant consumer channels as you can possibly come up with. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat — any potential platform that allows advertising and you know people use frequently. If you’ve never sent out emails to your customers before, consider doing so. You’ll be seen by customers before you know it.



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