A Brief History of Law

Legal history, or history of law, refers to studying the origin and changes in the law. Also, legal history examines why and how the law has evolved. Law includes various rules of how people should behave. The regulations also lay out the consequences to be faced if one fails to follow them. Legal history has a close connection to human development and governance. Most ancient laws were characterized by tradition, and these rules were also based on impartiality and social equality.

Ancient World

Islamic Law

Religious Catholic Canon Law

Canon law developed later than Roman law. However, it predated the rise of European civil law and traditions. Around the 20th century, the catholic canon law was codified by Pope Benedict xv. However, the code of catholic canon law has continuously been reformed by the top hierarchical authorities.

Legal systems remain to be complex systems consisting of symbols, rules, and players. The elements take part in interaction with the society, thus promoting change. Due to the continuous change in governance, the laws will continue to evolve.

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