Legal history, or history of law, refers to studying the origin and changes in the law. Also, legal history examines why and how the law has evolved. Law includes various rules of how people should behave. The regulations also lay out the consequences to be faced if one fails to follow them. Legal history has a close connection to human development and governance. Most ancient laws were characterized by tradition, and these rules were also based on impartiality and social equality.

Ancient World

The ancient law in Egypt dates back more than 5000 years ago with a primitive ruler coming up with…

Starting a blog can be a great way to spread your knowledge about legal issues on the internet. However, knowing how to write is only one part of the process. You’re going to have to tailor your content specifically for the internet.

Fortunately, you can find enough information out there on how to do so. Take a few of these ideas into consideration when building your law blog.

Search Engine Optimization

To build a blog people like, you’re going to first have to attract them there. Building a successful blog can be possible if you write your content with search…

Advanced recombinant DNA technology is a way to transfer genes from one single living organism to another. This science is known as biotechnology. The living organism could be a microbe, animal, or plant. Biotechnology has been utilized to increase the quality of crops and create crops tolerant of herbicides and more. This type of technology is also associated with having a variety of complex legal issues.

Patent Process Protection
Legal protection has made it possible to patent the biotechnology process. It requires the final product or process to be unique as well as not obvious. It is a challenge to…

Like homeowners in any other state, residents in Texas have to pay their fair dues in property taxes. These taxes can quickly become overwhelming for those that are new to owning a home. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can take advantage of.

In Texas, homeowners can look into various property tax breaks that they can potentially use so they aren’t spending so much on property taxes annually. Check out some of these property tax breaks if you’re someone who owns property in the Lone Star State.

Disabled & Senior Citizens

Whether you’re disabled or a senior…

During an election year, your children might come up to you for questions about politics. It can be difficult, though, to explain the election and everything that has to do with politics to someone younger. Fortunately, you can take some smaller steps to help them easily learn about politics and the government. Here are a few ways you start teaching your children about politics.


Before explaining who is in a current role in the government, you need to teach your children what those roles are meant to do. For example, you should explain to your children that the president is…

Marketing is a crucial part of making a lawyer’s practice known to potential clients. Without marketing, the chances of gaining clients go down remarkably; without clients, lawyers might as well kiss their practice goodbye. To prevent that from happening, lawyers should use these four strategies to market their businesses.

Pay for advertisements

Buying advertisements can either be an effective marketing strategy or a complete waste of resources. Lawyers must start with a small budget and use every dollar wisely. Think about where potential clients congregate. For example, business lawyers who specialize in patent protection should pay for billboards near commercial districts. Advertise to…

When you run a law firm, the one thing you need to be sure of is drawing in clients. The more clients you have, the more money you’ll make, and the longer you’ll be able to run your firm. Some people may choose to hire an outside firm or spend a large amount of money on marketing to get their name known, but that’s not necessary. …

The winter storm earlier this year hit Texas hard. Between snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and dwindling resources, winter storm Uri sent Texans into an understandable panic. Some people are likely still suffering from the aftermath of the winter storm; luckily, there are ways that attorneys can help you out with sticky situations.

Price Gouging

Some utility companies took advantage of the winter storm and partook in price gouging. For those who are unaware, price gouging is when businesses raise the prices of their products or services exponentially. This isn’t to be confused with what businesses are allowed to do; in states of…

How to Make the Charitable Tax Policy More Equitable

The primary role of any tax regime is to fund government expenditure. Besides funding the government, tax laws can encourage citizens to engage in essential activities. For instance, they can incentivize funding for personal retirement accounts and charity. These incentives keep on fluctuating depending on the administration in place. The charitable tax deduction is one of the tax policies that was introduced to incentivize charitable giving. Charitable giving is help offered to nonprofit organizations. Some works done by these organizations include feeding and sheltering the less fortunate.

This deduction brings many…

Despite facing numerous segregation-era challenges as a young man in the American south, Hank Aaron was driven to achieve greatness, ultimately rising to fame as Major League Baseball star. Eventually topping Babe Ruth to take the home run record in 1974, Aaron was inducted into the sport’s hall of fame less than a decade later.

Through it all, Aaron remained cognizant of the need many youngsters still had for someone to offer assistance and a hand up as they scaled the ladder of success, launching the Hank Aaron Chasing the Dream Foundation with his wife in 1994. …

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